Now I’m not one to complain about catching a repeat of a programme I had wanted to watch earlier in the week, however seeing the Same particular motoring show on the same particular channel not 2 not 3 but 4 times a day is getting beyond a joke.

In my work place there are televisions on all day everyday and sometimes they all have the same channel on. So as I walk down the long corridors all I can hear is the echoes of the loose women’s laughter, the auctioneer of bargain hunt and Mr Clarkson claiming yet another car to be the best car “in the world.”

So my question is why do these channels do this!? Fair enough playing the repeats of past series but play different ones, not the same 5 episodes on loop for weeks on end! Go through each episode once then when you get through them wait a few weeks at least before starting all over again.

For me, watching these same programs over and over again is driving me away from my much loved television and back to the old fashioned newspaper. I would much rather sit and read a newspaper now rather than re-watch episode after episode of two and a half men on my day off.

But maybe all of this is a good thing. Maybe being driven back to the newspaper is what everybody needs, in a time where everybody’s lives revolve around the screens in there living rooms, we need something to push us back to the old fashioned way.


All new to me

Well this is very new to me, however every man and there dog seems to have something to look at on the internet now a days so… Why not eh? 


So what to talk about ? this blog is basically my way of venting my annoyance and anger at simple things in everyday life. I apologise in advance.

I will try to post each week about something that may have happened at work, in the news or at home, whatever gets on my nerves that week.
So if you like you can follow but If not don’t, whatever you fancy. Thanks.